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Supershape i.Rally SW MFPR inkl. PRD 12 GW BR.85 Skidor med bindningar Inkl. bindningsmontering

inkl. moms
Färg: mörkgrå
Bindningsmontering Please measure the sole length of your ski shoes accurately and enter this information into the box. How do I measure the sole length?
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The Supershape i.Rally by HEAD is the ideal all-ride ski for fast, advanced skiers. This ski is easy to turn on hard pack, deep snow and even slush. Julian Lill - Keller Sports Pro


With the Supershape i. Rally you have a high-performance ski that performs everywhere. On the piste, it'll deliver parallel turns like a winner. Being on edge has never been so much fun. The ski's dimensions from shovel to waist enable fast turn acceleration. Thanks to the float, not even slush will ruin this ski's capabilities.

Graphene technology


The PRD 12 GW ski binding combines the features of PowerRail binding with GripWalk compatibility. PowerRail technology delivers stability and robustness for a feeling of security. You can rely on easy handling and maximum flexibility. GripWalk compatibility, this ski will offer the ski boot grip you need. The AFS (Anti Friction Slider) not only offers constant release values but also centres your ski boot with speed and precision.

  • 13,7m
    Radius (170cm length)
  • 135 / 76 / 114
    (170cm length)
  • PRD 12 GW
  • Graphene Worldcup
    Sandwich Cap Construction
  • RD Race Structured
    UHM C Base


The Supershape i.Rally is perfect for honing your parallel turns. If you're looking for a ski with great float, you're in the right place. Apart from impressing with its on-piste performance, you'll be amazed at how well it does on slush.

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