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The Nike Joyride Run Flyknit running shoe is a complete innovation. It feels like a high-tech beanbag for your foot. The small foam beads provide cushioning and comfort in every stride - the perfect shoe for recovery runs. Jan Lau - Keller Sports Pro


The Nike Flyknit upper is an extremely light, breathable material. It wraps around the whole foot for reliable yet comfortable support and a sock-like feel. The low-rise design is comfortable around the ankle area and enables a quick on/off.



Nike has spent years adjusting and developing foam beads to offer the perfect solution for a soft, comfortable running feel. How does it work? As soon as your foot touches the floor, over 10,000 little beads in 4 strategically-located pockets mould around the foot to provide personalised cushioning and support. When your foot pushes off again, the reactive beads spring back into their original position to deliver the perfect amount of propulsion.


Raised little studs enhance the shoe's traction, while robust rubber has been added to high-wear areas for improved durability. The single-piece foam collar delivers smooth, reliable cushioning.

  • 14%
    better shock absorption
  • 10,000+
    beads in the sole
  • Flyknit
  • 1-piece
    foam collar
  • Robust rubber
    in outsole


Thousands of tiny beads work hard to help you recover. This soft running feel is not just comfortable for your feet but also has positive effects all over the body. The cushioning system of the Nike Joyride offers 14% higher shock absorption than some of Nike's most popular running shoes.

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