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ULTRA 110 Unisex

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Grip pressure
L2 (4 1/4)
L3 (4 3/8)
L4 (4 1/2)
L1 (4 1/8)
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The Ultra tennis racket by Wilson is the new definition of power and versatility on the tennis court. Its completely new Power technologies give you the chance to outplay your opponent with precise shots. The technology incorporated into the geometry of the throat and the grommets enables the ball to bounce off the strings in an explosive way. The improved overall geometry is responsible for providing more stability and power, while the innovative grommets offer more potential energy and contact time with the ball, which results in a larger sweet spot. This racket also boasts Countervail® technology - a patented carbon layer that maximises the player's energy, recovery and control by minimising vibrations without compromising on feel and performance. The Ultra is rounded off by slender, minimalist design.


  • Power technology
  • Countervail® technology
  • Improved geometry
  • For all player types

    • Art. Nr: TTSWI494000
    • MPN WRT73771U
    • Huvud storlek 710cm², 110 sq inch
    • Vikt 270g
    • Strängbild 16 x 18
    • Balance 335
    • Please note To prevent fraud, we scan the serial number of every product sold.